Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jill's Dirt Cake

1pktchocolate cake mix (or spice cake)
3pktchocolate pudding mix (I used 1 Butterscotch and 2 Vanilla)
1containerCool Whip
2pktOreo cookies (crushed) (I used one chocolate and one vanilla)
1bagSkor bits
New garden trowel (to scoop out the "dirt")

How to cook :

Bake the cake according to package directions and then cool.
Crush the Oreo cookies by placing them between wax paper and crushing with a rolling pin (or use a bottle if you don't have a rolling pin).
Once cake is cool, break the cake into pieces.
Layer the bottom of a flower pot or deep clear container with some cake, then put a layer of pudding, sprinkle on Skor bits, then top with a layer of whipped cream.
Repeat the layers until you have reached the top of the flower pot or container, ending the top layer with the pudding (not whip cream).
Place the crushed Oreo's on top of the pudding (this will look like "dirt").
Put a flower in the center, and place the trowel on the side. (or in my case top with construction trucks) 

Make sure to make this as last minute as possible as it will go soggy if sitting too long.

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